• Romanian Westie Intensive 2018 - Timisoara, Romania

  • 27 April 20:00 - 30 April 06:00
    Hosted by:
  • Swingin Steps is thrilled to invite you to a new West Coast Swing weekend workshop in the beautiful historical city Timisoara! The main purpose of the event is to improve the WCS knowledge and enjoy a cozy, friendly atmosphere among old and new friends while social dancing until the sun is up during the three parties :D.

    Our Staff will include:
    - Paul Warden (UK) & Coleen Man (UK)
    - Alex Marcu-Dancescu (RO) & Iulia Marcu-Dancescu (RO)
    - Andrei Purdea (RO) & Dina Pop (RO)
    - Xi Dünnhoff (DE) & Karla-Anita Catana (US/RO)

    They will be doing leveled workshops and enjoying late night social dancing with all of you. :D

    During this weekend we will focus on the 3Ts of West Coast Swing: Technique, Timing & Teamwork.

    ~~~ Levels ~~~
    Bee - You just learned the basic patterns and are still struggling with keeping the music`s rythm while social dancing even on slow songs. If you have less than 6 months of WCS dance experience, this is the level for you.

    Ladybug - You know the basic patterns, you experiment with variations but have difficulties playing with timing & dancing on fast tempos. If you have more than 6 months of WCS dancing but less than 24 months, we strongly suggest this group.

    Butterfly - You have a strong understanding of basics & variations, you are experimenting with timing & musicality and are trying to find your own style. If you have more than 24 months of wcs dancing and participated in other local or international WCS events, we suggest this group.
    Special 3h Intensive - This workshop is meant only for WCS Teachers & "Butterflies" with more than 3 years of WCS practice.

    ~~~ Schedule ~~~
    Workshops will be held on Saturday and Sunday only.
    Bee - 5 hours
    Ladybug - 6 hours
    Butterfly - 6 hours ( with potential to qualify for the Special Intensive)
    Special Intensive - 3 hours
    # Parties on Friday, Saturday & Sunday

    Detailed schedule will be posted separately in the Discussion area.
    **If the weather is nice we might organize a barbeque outing somewhere near Timisoara and enjoy some fresh air and eating/dancing in the nature on Monday 30th of April to Celebrate Labor Day :D**

    ~~~ Prices ~~~
    Bee - 40 EUR
    Ladybug - 55 EUR
    Butterfly - 65 EUR

    ~~~ Note ~~~
    Registered = filled out registration form & payment received and confirmed by event organizers.

    ~~~ Registration ~~~
    Please register to the desired level using this form: https://goo.gl/forms/WV596SL2T2fQiZsj2

    ~~~ Payment ~~~
    For Cash payments, reach out to Lumi or Andrei.
    For Bank transfer payments you will receive an email with details after you register.

    ~~~ Contact information ~~~
    Andrei: +40 755 405 305
    Lumi: +40 730 190 821
    Email: swinginsteps@gmail.com

    ~~~ Note ~~~
    Workshops will be held in English only!