• The Freeborn Brothers LIVE @Manufactura (PL)

  • 21 Martie 20:00 - 22 Martie 00:00
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  • The Freeborn Brothers return to Manufactura!

    The Freeborn Brothers is a live music performance connected with crazy theatre and weird circus enrapturing the audience into the vibe, but that's just the beginning! Add insane gypsy dancing, endless energy and fun with an ecclectic musical sound and then you will have just an idea of the Freeborn Brothers live show. Every show is different from the other - they never do the same routine; you can see them hundreds of times and you ain't gonna be bored.
    They describe their style of music as Gypsy Hobo Trash Grass Punk'n'roll!
    Niko Soszynski - banjo, drums, vocal
    Mateusz Plesniak - accordion, guitar, vocal
    Pawel Kus - bass, doublebass, vocal

    support act: 20 lei