• Roll Models and after party, UA, punk pop@Manufactura

  • 25 Noiembrie 21:00 - 26 Noiembrie 01:00
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  • ROLL MODELS/ punk pop / UA
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    ROLL MODELS/ punk pop / UA


    Fun-loving. Boyishly sexy. Up for any party you can throw at them. Lauded as leaders of a new era of entertainment, Ukrainian punks the Roll Models are soaking panties with their come-hither stares and show-stopping sounds. Combining English and Ukrainian lyrics with pure American punk rock, the Roll Models have exploded to the top of the charts as a new breed of hero prepped to slam the stage with their danceable brand of pop-punk. Citing influences ranging from the latest generation of punks like Fall Out Boy and PATD to the old guard sounds of Green Day, all revved up with a hit of pop/rock theatricality courtesy of Muse and Good Charlotte, the Roll Models are ready to rock, and live to let the good times roll.
    Declaring “This is our punk rock!” in the music video for their hit Lovin' the Good Times, the Roll Models salute the desire for originality that drives all musicians forward, even as they riff on classic themes of partying and blasting out live shows to frenzied fans.