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  • Let's spread the love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers Art with Red Hot Chili Peppers World Tribute Band!!

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    The Band:
    Established in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2003 the Red Hot Chili Peppers by Organic was the first Tribute Band in Brazil to make Tours in Europe.
    It happened for two times in 2010 and 2013 and the band had shows in 38 cities and 11 countries.

    In Brazil the band had shows all over the country, in 15 states and more than 200 cities.
    Argentina and Paraguai they was around 10 cities, always in big concerts or festivals.

    The Lead singer met the Chili Peppers in some opportunities and all of them he had good times.
    He is also in the Book Fandemonium released in 2014 as a honor from the band to the fãs during the I´m With You Tour.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers by Organic got the nickname Red Hot Chili Peppers​ World Tribute because in 2010 on the first tour in Europe, they was the first Tribute Band in the World to have members from 3 different countries in the line up.

    The band follow the current tour, setlists and concerts of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and have the same instruments and costumes as the original band. they have in the band, only genuine fans of the Chili Peppers and believe that only this way they can create the same atmosphere, energy and high quality to reproduce the concerts.