• Pero Defformero LIVE @Manufactura

  • 30 Noiembrie 21:00 - 01 Decembrie 01:00
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    The cultural, economical, and overall absurdity of the nineties in Serbia inspired the then young and talented (actually he's still talented) guitarist Saša Friš to come up with a most bizarre musical experiment. His brainchild "Pero Defformero" came alive in 1993. Heavy Metal music, in it's purest and often very technical form, free of any compromises combined with turbo-folk vocals and lyrics as well with no compromises. The combination was so disguisting that the project fortunately disbanded after 2 or 3 years. It took a decade until the band gained some sort of cult following among fans, and a strong enough fanbase which finally reunited Friš with vocalist Biške, and the band has been active again since around 2006. There have been changes in the rhythm section, but the extraordinary musicianship has remained constant. Jokingly, this crazy bunch is often called "technically overqualified" for what they are doing, but they nevertheless seem to enjoy it very much.
    Since the reunion, tha band has released two albums and is currently recording songs for the third one, that they promise will be even worse than the previous ones.

    The lineup:
    Goran "Biške" Biševac - vocals
    Saša Friš - guitars
    András Ispán - bass
    Luka Jelisavčić - drums