• Cold Cold Nights + Moin Moin /// EU Tour

  • 30 Aprilie 21:00 - 01 Mai 01:00
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  • • Cold Cold Nights

    Two years ago Jakub Jirásek (formerly known as J) formed the band Cold Cold Nights and started working on their first record. With a big variety of mostly organic sounds (guitars, glockenspiel, organ, trumpet, trombone, drums, etc.) it describes a story of a lonely millennial stuck in long distance relationships, struggling with traditional concepts of gender roles and nationalities, emphasising the value of compassion and empathy. Sonically, (The) Last Summer is a mixture of emo, post rock and indie folk. The six songs have an intimate atmosphere and powerful climaxes. Cold Cold Nights’ live performances are known for a remarkable light design made by the fifth member of the group Natálie Rajnišová. Altought they haven’t released a full length album until now, they have toured across Europe including Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia, Romania or Hungary.




    • Moin Moin

    Moin moin is a singer-songwriter from Czech Republic. She has been performing since 2013, and her music could be characterized by folk with strong echo in 90´s, from Sonic Youth to early Cat Power. She also is a visual artist, which is projected in her imaginative lyrics, as well as in her handmade lyrics-books and other DIY merch.
    In 2016, she released her first album Dawn on tape-cassettes, and did a solo Europe tour. Since 2015 she is occasionally accompanied by a band 17:13.