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    VAMA, live on stage!

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    21 Aprilie 22:00 - 22 Aprilie 02:00
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  • VAMA, live on stage!

    On Friday, 21st of April, Fratelli proudly announces VAMA, live on stage at Fratelli Lounge & Club Timisoara.

    We have ahead a night that promises to be full of emotions, dancing and singing along to some of their best-known songs such as “Perfect fara tine”, “Sa dansam” and their brand new single “Ghosts at war”!

    Let’s rock the night and let’s make it PERFECT!

    See you at the concert, on Friday, 21st of April starting 11.30 pm at Fratelli Lounge & Club Timisoara.

    For reservations: officetimisoara@fratelli.ro/ +4.0722.122.123
    Fratelli reserves the right to select its clients, due to the capacity of the locations and the reservation list.

    Yours truly,

    Access 18+
    Never drink & drive
    We do not endorse the use of drugs