• For The Wicked vs Ze Gran Zeft | Timisoara

  • 27 Aprilie 21:00 - 28 Aprilie 01:00
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  • For The Wicked vs Ze Gran Zeft
    Miercuri 26 Aprilie, Daos, Timisoara.

    Originated from Cluj-Napoca, For the Wicked is one of the most interesting and ambitious metal band appearances on the metal scene in Romania, winning several awards as a result in the first year of existence (2015): Best Metal Newcomer at Metalhead Awards, Grand Prize at Posada Rock and Low5Bass Studio award at Gbob Romania. Although it consists of young musicians, they have managed to prove the impeccable quality of their first EP titled Trust your Heart.

    The year 2016 saw the band record and release their second EP "II" followed by a series of 20 concerts to promote the new material in all major cities of Romania and 2 concerts abroad.