• Ater Era - psychedelic metal Slovenia@Manufactura

  • 21 Septembrie 21:00 - 22 Septembrie 01:00
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    Ater Era is extreme-metal band from Slovenia, characterized by a primal black and doom metal sound and an unusual tendency towards psychedelic and ambient interferences.
    The band was born as a solo project in June, 2006. The initiator was S.S. , band's vocalist, guitarist and songwriter.
    In summer 2008, the debut album entitled »In autumn's solitary decline« was entirely recorded in solitude by S.S, and was released later in 2011 by Mater Tenebrarum Records.
    During that period the whole project was transformed into a live-performing band.
    In May 2013, "Beneath inanimate grime", the second full length album, has been released by the german label Pestilence Records. During 2014 Ater Era toured around Europe with Hell Militia and started working on its third record, entitled „Clades“.
    Ater Era developed its sound into a heavyer, more organic and atmospheric dimension, and in addition to its primal extreme-metal roots now incorporates also doom, sludge and hardcore elements. The tracks are open-ended, massive, heavy and psychedelic. „Clades“ will be constisted of 5 tracks, exposing you to cca 50 minutes of acerbic emotions.
    Ater Era will be touring the Balkans in late september 2017, perfoming its latest material, and promoting the new release.