• TALKS I Art Encounters 2017, Timișoara & Arad, Second Edition

  • 21 Septembrie 13:30 - 17:30
  • An Open Door to an Art Scene Between a Long History and a Short Story

    - Ami Barak, Curator, Art Encounters Biennale
    - Ovidiu Șandor, President, Art Encounters Foundation, Timișoara
    - Nicolaus Schafhausen, Director, Kunsthalle Wien

    Entitled Life a User’s Manual, the exhibition in the center of Art Encounters 2017, curated by Ami Barak and Diana Marincu, will survey and compile fragments from everyday life, as seen in both current artistic practices and historical art projects from the 1960s onwards. Like in Georges Perec’s novel, La vie mode d’emploi, the exhibition will present characters, situations and contexts – stories that span not only over a day, but also a lifetime. As the fluxus artist Robert Filliou said, “art is what makes life more interesting than art”. The second edition of the Art Encounters Biennale will bring together a group of international artists who will engage in meaningful dialogues with the region’s artistic discourses and communities. The exhibition will be embedded across a wide range of cultural and public venues in Timișoara and Arad, and will highlight the ways in which artists reflect on many day-to-day realities that are now becoming increasingly unstable.